The Care-Free Water Conditioner is a water problem solver.

It’s been said that Care-Free Water Conditioners is probably the best natural water treatment in the world.

Care-Free Conditioners Australia was pioneered by Bob Uden in 1980.

Bob, a plumber by trade, began selling water conditioners to farmers out of the back of his panel van.

From these modest beginnings the Care-Free company grew throughout Australia and today exports to several overseas countries.

Along the way, improvements and modifications have been made to the conditioners, which have resulted in several patents.

So, thanks for taking time to check out our website. We trust we can help you.

Our website will give you an understanding of the advantages of this “totally natural” water treatment process and how you will benefit.

Perhaps it may interest you to know that during the past 37 years Care-Free has helped multitudes of people improve your water quality. During this time we’ve come up with some remarkable discoveries and have been granted patents in Australia, the USA and India, with several other patents pending.

As you can imagine, the list of water problems that people come to us with is endless, not only in Australia, but also worldwide. So I think you’ll find the testimonies from our customers included throughout our website interesting.

They are from people who had one thing in common; they were looking for a simple and economical way to improve their water supply.

The Care-Free Conditioner proved to be the answer.

As the product name suggests, Care-Free is ‘care free’. This means, you have no messy chemicals, cartridges or salt to worry about and you’ll be happy to know that it requires minimal attention.

Because the Care-Free Conditioner lasts a lifetime you’ll enjoy the benefits for years to come and find it very cost effective.

In fact, our customers tell us their conditioner continues to pay for itself over and over again – It’s a lifetime investment.


“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten” Benjamin Franklin

Care-Free Directors

Bob Uden

Bob, a plumber by trade, is the inventor of the Australian made Care-Free Water Conditioner.

After years of experimentation and thinking ‘outside of the box’, Bob developed a unique, simple, cost effective, water treatment method which he has patented in several countries. Bob remains the Owner and Director of the company.

Bob has been happily married to his wife Jan since 1978 and they have two children, Daniel and Sara-Jane.

Sara-Jane Uden

Sara-Jane came onboard Care-Free Conditioners in 2010. As Bob’s daughter, Sara-Jane has a sound understanding of the product and today manages the day to day operation of the Company.