Householders everywhere are raving about this amazing new low cost invention…

…you will be too.

You’ll discover how this brilliantly simple product can more than double your evaporative coolers pad life while saving you enormously on maintenance costs.

It’s called a Care-Free AC6 Water Conditioner (Patented).

And it will protect your valuable evaporative coolers from natural elements by reducing white scale deposits so they are no longer a problem.

What’s more you’ll be pleased to know it requires virtually no maintenance, and because it’s hand crafted from extremely durable stainless steel it will last you a lifetime.

Installation of the AC6 is easy.
Simply cut the 20mm hose, push in and place under water.

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Consider the benefits


  • It more than doubles your cooling pad life

  • Your air conditioner will be so much easier to clean

  • Slowly removes existing hard water scale deposits

  • It extends the longevity of your pump

  • Reduces water slime

  • It’s cheap by comparison to maintenance costs

  • You can install it yourself in around 10 minutes

  • It will last you for years

  • You’ll reduce your carbon footprint

AC6 for Evaporative Coolers

Flow rate: 20 lit/min*
Connection: Barbed Push-In
Length: 144mm

You can look forward to results like these…

These two evaporative air conditioners are identical, located in the same town some 400 metres apart.

As you can see the cooler on the left is a mess after just one year of operation using hard water.

The evaporative cooler on the right is 14 years old with two year old cooling pads…no scale build up and the cooling pads are clean and still going.

The difference is a Care-Free AC6 Water Conditioner.


Frequently Asked QuestionsContact Us / DealersYour GuaranteeRead Our Testimonials