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Now that I've tried it I wouldn't have it any other way

David Whybro
Wagga Wagga NSW

Can't speak highly enough of Care-Free

Frank Whitehead
Wagga Wagga NSW

It is hard to tell the difference between the conditioned water and tank water

"We have noticed the vast difference in the drinking qualities of the water and it is hard to tell the difference between the conditioned water and tank water. In the bathroom we find the water soaps quite readily and I am pleased to say I can forget about recharging the water softener every three weeks. What a relief!"

Toowoomba QLD

Washing the clothes has probably shown the biggest improvement

"Prior to fitting the conditioner we were unable to drink the water in any form, tea, coffee or with cordial, but now it is quite palatable. Washing the clothes has probably shown the biggest improvement."

Bargara QLD

Not a hint of chlorine smell

"Now that the whole house is "conditioned" there is not a hint of chlorine smell at any tap. In fact you can actually drink the water straight from the tap without having to hold your nose. We are very happy with our Care-Free Conditioner and would have no hesitation recommending it to anyone who wants better water.”

Eaglehawk VIC

I noticed a tremendous difference in the taste of the water straight away

"I noticed a tremendous difference in the taste of the water straight away. It's certainly hard to understand how the Care-Free Conditioner works, but it does."

Narromine NSW

The Care-Free is fantastic

"When it comes to washing the car the Care-Free is fantastic. I have a black BMW and there’s no more water spotting! Anyone who cares about their car should have one.”

Wagga Wagga NSW

We would readily recommend this product to any of your customers

“Since installation we have found the Bendigo town supply to be of a notably softer quality and the dry skin and scalp conditions have reduced markedly. Also the red “rust spots” on showerheads have cleared. We would readily recommend this product to any of your customers.”

Bendigo VIC

When I got one, everyone got one!

"When I got one, everyone got one! The air-conditioning pads are as clean as a whistle, the gardens gone crazy and soap lathers up in the shower. You’re mad if you don’t get one.”

Wagga Wagga NSW

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Before Care-Free we couldn't grow a vegetable garden or get trees to establish

“For the past three years the saline levels in our water have increased dramatically, where we couldn’t grow a vegetable garden or get trees to establish. The water tasted terrible and you couldn’t drink it for the concentrated salt. Our milking goats had also been afflicted with various kidney complaints. On advice from a local Naturopath we installed a Care-Free Conditioner and we received immediate results. Now our herbs and vegetables are growing again and after three weeks of drinking Care-Free water the pain and swelling from my arthritis become almost non-existent. Our goats now refuse to drink water that hasn’t gone through the Care-Free Conditioner and they are much healthier.”

Alice Springs NT

The change in taste is amazing

"We have noticed that the cattle are drinking far more of this water even when other water is readily available. The change in taste is amazing and when sprayed onto our stainless steel milk vat it no longer leaves white stain. We now have Care-Free Conditioners fitted to all the bores on our property.”

Mt Larcom QLD

Drippers free of scale

"Before installation of the Care-Free Conditioner I could not grow grapes, french beans or melons. Today I have healthy plants. The drippers are also working well and are free of scale deposits."

Mundubbera QLD

Cost less than one lot of pipe rods

“We had a problem with a 30 metre deep windmill equipped bore. The water corroded away the 50mm galvanised pipe and mill rods in less than three months. I was about to remove the mill and shut down the bore when it was suggested I install a 20mm Care-Free Conditioner between the pump and the foot valve.

The results were almost instantaneous, the cattle began to drink at the trough, grass grew in the scalded overflow area, the algae disappeared from the trough and best of all, the next lot of pipe rods lasted five years before needing replacing. Best of all, the conditioner cost less than the replacement costs of one lot of pipe rods.”

Maryborough QLD

We fitted 24 Care-Free Conditioners to bores over a period of 15 years

"We fitted 24 Care-Free Conditioners to bores over a period of 15 years. There has been an increase in grape yields and we’ve cut the time to clean our dripper system by 70%. We have also turned off our water softener to cooling systems and there is no more scaling on our cooling coils."

Taylors Wines
Auburn SA

Stomach ulcers healed - outstanding achievement!

"I run a piggery operation with 130 sows and 1000 growers. In 1991 there was a problem with stomach ulcers in the growers and our losses were around 60 - 70 pigs per month. Despite the best efforts of the DPI people, no solution was found until I heard about "Care-Free" Water Conditioners. A 20mm "Care-Free" was fitted to the water supply from the river, upon which the deaths stopped immediately. Autopsies were carried out for the next few weeks on the growers as they were slaughtered. This showed the subjects had previously experienced stomach ulcers, which had subsequently healed. I consider this an outstanding achievement, resulting from having a "Care-Free" on line."

Mt Amberley QLD

Greatest thing since polythene pipe!

"We have 3,000 head of cattle, via dozens of stock troughs. We have had five Care-Free Conditioners fitted to our bores and since installation all scale, algae and marine growth has totally disappeared. In my opinion a farmer cannot afford to be without one. I think they are the greatest thing since polythene pipe."

Gulargambone NSW

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Soil Salinity

No salt build up, saved us heaps of money!

“We installed a 100mm Care-Free Conditioner on our spear pump because I could not afford to buy channel water to flood irrigate my dairy farm. Even though the water is very salty at 4000mg/l we have still been able to use it on our paddocks and there has been no salt build up in the soil at all. Whatsmore I did not have to buy channel water and I never had to sell any stock in the drought whereas many of my neighbours were forced to do so. The system works and has saved us heaps of money!”

Tocumwal VIC

5600mg/l salt, results amazing

“Before we installed the Care-Free Water Conditioner, our bore water which contains 5,600mg/l of salt, almost killed our lucerne that was flood irrigated. Since the installation the results have been truly amazing. This season, we were able to achieve two cuts of hay as well as reaping approximately 400 kilograms of seed per hectare.”

Ted Skewes
Keith SA

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Fish losses down 80%

“Since installing the Care-Free we have increased the number of fish tanks from 40 to 80. The maintenance is less and with thousands of fish our losses are down 80%.”

Bobs Birds & Pets
Wagga Wagga NSW

Just about the best investment for aquarium

“Our Care-Free Water Conditioner was just about the best investment we could have made. Since its connection to Riverside’s water supply there has been far less losses in the aquatic animals than had previously occurred prior to its connection.”

Riverside Aquarium
Sydney NSW

Carwash rids itself of expensive demineralised water

“Due to the high cost of demineralised water it was decided to operate the rinse arch with raw water. This mode of operation left the vehicles badly streaked and spotted. As a result of installation of the Care-Free Conditioner, the vehicles leave the vehicle wash with only minor spotting and are in an acceptable wash condition. The installation of the conditioner has removed the need for expensive demineralised water for the rinse cycle and provided reduced maintenance of the spray nozzles.”

Santos Ltd
Adelaide SA

Jets do not require cleaning

“The water jets in the pan sterilisers were requiring replacement or at least probing and cleaning every month. The installation of the Care-Free Conditioner has meant that these jets do not require replacement or cleaning at all.

We are most satisfied with the results and would recommend their use where there is a problem with scale build up.”

Caloola Court
Wagga Wagga NSW

An excellent long term investment

“Our water here is extremely hard. We started to notice right away that the water felt “softer” and didn’t scale up on our new tiles and stainless equipment as it used to. Also we cut down on our soap and chemical usage by 50-60%.We look at your system as an excellent long-term investment, which has already paid big dividends in water quality and cost reductions. We’re happy that we invested in your “Simple Solutions” to our hard water problems.”

Dellfield Holsteins
New Mexico, USA

I have become one of the converted!

“Since installing the Care-Free Water Conditioner, the boiler tubes were not only remarkably clean, but there was evidence of a “leaching” effect where scale had been removed from areas where it was quite thick previously.

Our engineer, when dismantling a washing machine, discovered that surfaces, which had always been caked with hard scale, were clean and needed no treatment. Other parts, which normally became scaled up, were also clean.

The net result of this scale removal will be less maintenance and longer lasting components. I have become one of the converted!”

JW Cleancraft Group
London GB

Exceptional resuts for Dry Cleaners

“We have had excellent reports from the company who does a regular service report test on our boiler. Mount Gambier water total hardness tests are approx 400ppm. We regularly regenerated our water softener every five days to maintain a level of 4ppm hardness. Since installation of the Care-Free Conditioner we regenerate the softener approximately every six weeks with a reading of less than 2ppm total hardness.”

Nari Dry Cleaners
Mt Gambier SA

Tubes shining like a gun barrel

“The test results as provided by a NATA certified testing agency have identified the lowest detectable levels of legionella which is <10 CFU/ml, and the TBC has consistently remained at less than 103. This is an excellent result for cooling towers which are using chemicals, but is an exceptional result from cooling towers which are using no biocide or algaecide chemicals. When the condenser end covers were removed for their seasonal inspections and tube cleaning, every tube was observed to be completely clean and shining like a gun barrel.”

Benalla Regional Office Victorian Health Department
Benalla VIC

All scale disappeared

“Since we installed a 32mm Care-Free Conditioner in Moruya District Hospital water main, I have found that all the scale has disappeared from the dishwasher pan sterilisers and most importantly the Autoclave boiler is clean from scale. The toilet cisterns are also clean and free from slime. We are also using less detergent.”

Moruya District Hospital
Moruya NSW

Much cleaner than previous years

“The boiler tubes were much cleaner than they had been in previous years and the build up of scale was almost non-existent. The boiler service consultant commented on the change from previous years before he was informed of the installation of the Care-Free Conditioner.”

Prime Pine
Bombala NSW

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Motorhomes/Boats & Caravans

We now drink 'conditioned water' straight from the tap

“Because our tanks are filled through our Care-Free Conditioner, it has neither odour nor taste. We now drink “conditioned water” straight from the tap. We are thrilled with our Care-Free conditioner and have no problems recommending this product to anyone.”

Keith & Robyn Proctor
CMCA Member

Care-Free stops skin irritations

"The reason we installed our Care-Free Conditioner was that Peg and I were having trouble with skin irritations from the hard water. Now when we use the shower in our motor home the results are very good, no more itches! We also noticed the calcium that had built up in our electric kettle element started to break away and is now clean. We were surprised that this did happen."

Ray & Peg Lawson “Peg Ray”
On the Road CMCA Member

Care-Free solved these hard water problems

"The cocktail of water we get in our water tanks has always been a worry. We found out firsthand how damaging hard water was. The build up of pellet sized mineral salts in our hot water and plumbing system caused blockages and reduced efficiency. Previously when I changed the anode in the hot water tank not only had the anode completely corroded in less than 12 months but the residual salt solids in the tank were unbelievably high.


The installation of the “Care-Free Water Conditioner” has solved these hard water problems and the water is much softer, clearer and completely taste free!"


Alan Tesch “Aussie Eagle”
CMCA Member 

It’s great to know we have good water no matter where we’re going

"It’s great to know we have good water no matter where we’re  going. Thanks to Care-Free our water tanks are sparkling clean. We got our Care-Free Conditioner at Barcaldine in 2002. Since then our water tanks have stayed sparkling clean with no sign of any scale or corrosion. Care-Free is a great product."


Pat & Heather O'Brien
CMCA Member

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Golf Courses

No blockages, no algal growth, no chemicals required, no salt build up in soil


The Gundagai Golf Course uses effluent water to irrigate. However it caused a $10,000 annual maintenance problem. Every sprinkler on the course had to be hand cleaned every two weeks to remove blockages. Injection systems were considered but were too costly to maintain.

The Care-Free Water Conditioner provided a cost-effective solution to their problem and cost a fraction of the price of alternatives.

• No blockages
• No algal growth
• No chemicals required
• No salt build up in soil

Gundagai Golf Club
Gundagai NSW

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Evaporative Cooler

No calcification in evap cooler

Bruce Barter
Wagga Wagga NSW

Care-Free removed white scale deposits

Clive Willis
Marah NSW

Sixty houses in Lightning Ridge recouped a 315% Return On Investment and saved $20,000.00 on maintenance. In only one year

Barriekneal Housing Ltd had major problems with its evaporative coolers, spending a massive $50,000.00 a year on maintenance, replacement pads and motors. After trialling four Care-Free AC6 Conditioners, Barriekneal installed 60 units.

“We’ve had huge savings in time and money,” said Darryl Ferguson, Barriekneal Chairperson.

“Unlike they were before Care-Free, our evaporative coolers are now almost scale and corrosion free. They’re very clean with no green slime below the water surface. Cooling pad replacement is over two years instead of only months. No pumps or motors have required replacement”.

"Our 60 evaporative coolers are now trouble free. The results are outstanding. I certainly recommend Care-Free,” said Darryl.

Barriekneal Housing Ltd
Lightning Ridge NSW

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Swimming Pools

Does the job like a charm

“The Care-Free Conditioner made a big difference in the pool, reduced chemicals - does the job like a charm.”

Wagga Wagga NSW

Pool clarity exceptional

"My chlorine usage has reduced with a corresponding general stabilisation of pH. The filter requires less frequent backwashing. My pool clarity is exceptional and the water has a natural feeling."

Sydney NSW

My algae problems virtually disappeared after 16 hours


“Amazing results you’d have to say…
After only 16 hours of operating Care-Free, the algae virtually disappeared…
without vacuuming the pool.”

John Weston
Sydney NSW

Before installation I had to clean the salt chlorinator with acid, now it cleans easily with a garden hose

“My pool looks great since I installed my Care-Free Conditioner. Before installation I had to clean the salt chlorinator with acid, now it cleans easily with a garden hose. This will certainly increase life expectancy. Prior to fitting I had algae problems which were hard to remove, now they appear dead and brush off easily. I am very pleased.”

Sydney, NSW

At last I found something that works. Within two days my pool underwent a remarkable transformation into a sparkling, clean show-piece...

"At last I found something that works. Within two days my pool underwent a remarkable transformation into a sparkling, clean show-piece...Care-Free gave our pool the WOW FACTOR. It's now a joy to look at and swim in. All our visitors comment on how clear it looks. And the kids don't complain about the harsh smell of chlorine or get sore eyes. It's awesome."

Peter Zotti was having trouble with water clarity. After wasting $250 on chemicals, it still wasn't right… until he installed a Care-Free SWP40 Water Conditioner.

Peter Zotti
Wagga Wagga NSW

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