Care-Free For Your Evaporative Cooler

Care-Free AC6 reduces the white mess from collecting on evaporative air conditioner pads

This brilliantly simple product will protect your evap. cooler from natural elements by reducing white soda deposits so they are no longer a problem.

You’ll save hundreds on replacement cooler pads because the AC6 will double their life expectancy.

What’s more, you’ll be pleased to know it requires virtually no maintenance, and because it’s hand crafted from durable stainless steel, it will last you a lifetime.

AC6 – For Evaporative Coolers

Flow rate: 20 lit/min
Connection: Barbed push-in
Length: 144mm

Consider the Benefits

  • More than doubles your cooling pad life

  • Reduces white soda deposits

  • Slowly removes existing scale deposits

  • Extends pump life

  • Reduces water slime

  • It’s cheap by comparison to maintenance costs

  • Your air conditioner will be so much easier to clean

  • You can install it yourself in around 10 minutes

  • It will last you for years

  • You’ll reduce your carbon footprint

  • Australian designed and manufactured

Reduce White Soda Deposits


This cooler is one year old
Look at the mess

These two evap coolers are identical.

Located in Alice Springs; Same street, 400m apart.

This cooler is 14 years old
No mess

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Easy cleaning of evap cooler

If your evap cooler doesn’t clean this easy, then you need an AC6!

“We’ve had huge savings in time and money”

In only one year Barriekneal Housing Ltd had major problems with its evaporative coolers, spending a massive $50,000.00 a year on maintenance, replacement pads and motors. After trialling four Care-Free AC6 Conditioners, Barriekneal installed 60 units.

“We’ve had huge savings in time and money. Unlike they were before Care-Free, our evaporative coolers are now almost scale and corrosion free. They’re very clean with no green slime below the water surface. Cooling pad replacement is over two years instead of only months. No pumps or motors have required replacement. Our 60 evaporative coolers are now trouble free. The results are outstanding. I certainly recommend Care-Free”.

Darryl Ferguson – Barriekneal Housing Ltd, Lightning Ridge NSW

Installation video

Installation of the AC6 is easy.
Simply cut the 20mm hose, push in and place under water.
No sweat!