Care-Free for your home

Consider the benefits

  • Improves the taste of domestic water supplies, makes great tea and coffee and keeps your kettle clean

  • Helps keep bathtub and shower walls clean with less scrubbing

  • Water saturates and cleans better, gives whiter, softer clothes with less detergent

  • Dishwashers and washing machines remain clean and scale free, less maintenance

  • Stops scaling in piping, removes existing scale, improves water pressure

  • Lawns and gardens require less water to stay green and healthy

  • Less water spotting makes car washing easy

  • Protects water heaters from corrosion, adds years to their lifetime

  • Reduces salt encrustation on air conditioners

20mm ECO – Domestic Use
Care-Free Water Conditioner

Flow rate: 50 lit/min
Connection: 3/4″ Male
Length: 192mm
Weight: 0.50 kg

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Discover how you can have great tasting water even from your chlorinated town supply…
And never worry about buying expensive bottled water again

Once you have a Care-Free Conditioner installed to you will enjoy a glass of water and drink it more often. In fact many claim that their town water has a more natural taste and feels like spring water, rather than their chlorinated supply.


Lab tests have proven Care-Free’s ‘natural hard water treatment’ removes 70% of chlorine taste, while enhancing chlorination protection. This means you get the benefits of chlorination… without the taste.

Read the lab report on the diffrence on Care-Free treated water
Lab report PDF

Fitted at your water meter, Care-Free simply becomes part of your pipeline. It will ‘naturally condition’ all your household water.

As the name suggests, it is a ‘water conditioner’, not a softener or filter. Care-Free will help minimize the adverse effect of many of the undesirable substances in your water supply.

What’s more you’ll be pleased to know it requires virtually no maintenance. And because it’s hand crafted from extremely durable stainless steel it will last you a lifetime.


 20mm Conditioner fitted to a domestic water meter.
The sacrificial rod supplies the electrical current.

Calcium Carbonate scaling caused by hard water

You would never dream of burning your dollars would you? Yet are you aware that only 1.5mm of scale inside your water heater will prevent heat transfer to the water and increase your heating bill by 12.5%. What’s more, 3mm of scale will increase this to a massive 18.5%.
By keeping your water heater free of scale, Care-Free will save you money.

This amount of scale on your hot water element can double your hot water bill

However, six weeks after installing a Care-Free Conditioner, all scale has been removed!

Care-Free helps prevent corrosion

Your hot water heater is fitted with a sacrificial anode to prevent corrosion of the cylinder.
These anodes are one year old and from the same hot water heater…
Care-Free increases longevity!

Installation Video

How to install a CF20 ECO Care-Free Water Conditioner.

How does it work? Contact Us About Care-Free Product Range