Ian Hunter

We have 3,000 head of cattle, via dozens of stock troughs. We have had five Care-Free Conditioners fitted to our bores and since installation all scale, algae and marine growth has totally disappeared. In my opinion a farmer cannot afford to be without one. I think they are the greatest … Read More


I run a piggery operation with 130 sows and 1000 growers. In 1991 there was a problem with stomach ulcers in the growers and our losses were around 60 – 70 pigs per month. Despite the best efforts of the DPI people, no solution was found until I heard about … Read More

Ted Skewes

Before we installed the Care-Free Water Conditioner, our bore water which contains 5,600mg/l of salt, almost killed our lucerne that was flood irrigated. Since the installation the results have been truly amazing. This season, we were able to achieve two cuts of hay as well as reaping approximately 400 kilograms … Read More

Taylors Wines

We fitted 24 Care-Free Conditioners to bores over a period of 15 years. There has been an increase in grape yields and we’ve cut the time to clean our dripper system by 70%. We have also turned off our water softener to cooling systems and there is no more scaling … Read More


We installed a 100mm Care-Free Conditioner on our spear pump because I could not afford to buy channel water to flood irrigate my dairy farm. Even though the water is very salty at 4000mg/l we have still been able to use it on our paddocks and there has been no … Read More


We had a problem with a 30 metre deep windmill equipped bore. The water corroded away the 50mm galvanised pipe and mill rods in less than three months. I was about to remove the mill and shut down the bore when it was suggested I install a 20mm Care-Free Conditioner … Read More


Before installation of the Care-Free Conditioner I could not grow grapes, french beans or melons. Today I have healthy plants. The drippers are also working well and are free of scale deposits.


We have noticed that the cattle are drinking far more of this water even when other water is readily available. The change in taste is amazing and when sprayed onto our stainless steel milk vat it no longer leaves white stain. We now have Care-Free Conditioners fitted to all the … Read More


For the past three years the saline levels in our water have increased dramatically, where we couldn’t grow a vegetable garden or get trees to establish. The water tasted terrible and you couldn’t drink it for the concentrated salt. Our milking goats had also been afflicted with various kidney complaints. … Read More