In your travels, do the different waters you use concern you?

If so, you’re not alone. Our customers felt exactly like you.

However they found our portable Care-Free CF6 Water Conditioner to be the answer.

This mini conditioner is purpose built for travellers like you. It minimizes the adverse effect of many of the undesirable substances in the various water supplies you encounter.

You’ll find your Care-Free CF6 extremely useful and brilliantly easy to use. It clips into your hose in seconds for use on mains pressure or for filling your water tanks.

What’s more, you’ll appreciate its compact size because it takes up no space. When you’re on the move it’s small enough to fit in your glove compartment.

We’re positive it won’t take long and you’ll begin to realise just how valuable an asset it is to you.

Interested? Your next step… Talk to someone today.

Consider the benefits


  • Your water will taste better and you’ll always enjoy great tea and coffee
  • It protects the all the plumbing in your van or motorhome
  • There’ll be no more ‘scale worries’
  • Extends the life of your hot water heater and anodes– saving you money
  • Water filters also last much longer
  • You’ll enjoy better lather and soap action and water will feel softer
  • It reduces skin irritation from hard water
  • There’ll be less spotting when you wash down your vehicle
  • You can take it anywhere and it needs little maintenance
  • Because it’s hand made from 316 stainless steel it will last you a lifetime


Flow rate: 12 lit/min                  The prefect portable conditioner!
Connection: 1/4” female
Length: 160mm
Always pair with our battery pack

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