CF250 MkII

250mm MkII Care-Free Conditioner
Flow rate with orifice: 10,500 lit/min
Flow rate without orifice: 15,300 lit/min
Flange: Table E
Length: 720mm
Weight: 102.0 kg


Always size the Care-Free Water Conditioner according to flow rate (not pipe size).

It is essential to pair the CF250 MkII with an Earth Kit / Power Supply.

Headloss @ nominal capacity = 35 kPa – 5 PSI.

A tolerance of plus 66% or minus 33% of nominal capacity is permissible on flanged conditioners.

The nominal capacity is increased by removing the internal orifice cone (essentially creating two sizes in one).

The CF250 MkII is made from 316 Stainless Steel.

Every Care-Free Water Conditioner has a lifetime warranty.