CF06 ECO – Motorhomes / Boats

6mm ECO Care-Free Conditioner
Flow rate: 12 lit/min
Connection: 1/4” female
Length: 160mm
Weight: 0.51kg
Note: Always pair with the EK3 Battery Pak


The CF06 ECO is a portable water conditioner for motorhomes, caravans or boats.

It is extremely useful and brilliantly easy to use. It clips into your hose in seconds for use on mains pressure or for filling your water tanks.

What’s more, you’ll appreciate its compact size because it takes up no space. When you’re on the move it’s small enough to fit in your glove compartment

Always pair with the EK3 Battery Pak.

The CF06 ECO is made from 316 Stainless Steel and has a lifetime warranty.

Consider the benefits here.




Product Video

The cocktail of water we get in our water tanks has always been a worry. We found out firsthand how damaging hard water was. The build up of pellet sized mineral salts in our hot water and plumbing system caused blockages and reduced efficiency. Previously when I changed the anode in the hot water tank not only had the anode completely corroded in less than 12 months but the residual salt solids in the tank were unbelievably high.

The installation of the “Care-Free Water Conditioner” has solved these hard water problems and the water is much softer, clearer and completely taste free!

Alan Tesch “Aussie Eagle”
CMCA Member


It’s great to know we have good water no matter where we’re going. Thanks to Care-Free our water tanks are sparkling clean. We got our Care-Free Conditioner at Barcaldine in 2002. Since then our water tanks have stayed sparkling clean with no sign of any scale or corrosion. Care-Free is a great product.

Pat & Heather O'Brien
CMCA Member


The reason we installed our Care-Free Conditioner was that Peg and I were having trouble with skin irritations from the hard water. Now when we use the shower in our motor home the results are very good, no more itches! We also noticed the calcium that had built up in our electric kettle element started to break away and is now clean. We were surprised that this did happen.

 Ray & Peg Lawson “Peg Ray” 
On the Road CMCA Member