SWP40 MkII – Swimming Pools

SWP40 MkII Care-Free Water Conditioner
Flow rate: 280 lit/min
Connection: 40/50mm or 50/50mm rubber connections
Length: 320mm
Weight: 2.20 kg
Always pair with the EK4 Power Regulator
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The Care-Free SWP40 MkII Water Conditioner is installed into the circulation system of your pool.

Always pair the SWP40 MkII with the EK4 Power Regulator.

The SWP40 MkII is made entirely from 316 Stainless Steel and has a lifetime warranty.

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Installation Video

Installation Video

At last I found something that works. Within two days my pool underwent a remarkable transformation into a sparkling, clean show-piece...Care-Free gave our pool the WOW FACTOR. It's now a joy to look at and swim in. All our visitors comment on how clear it looks. And the kids don't complain about the harsh smell of chlorine or get sore eyes. It's awesome.

Peter Zotti
Wagga Wagga NSW

My pool looks great since I installed my Care-Free Conditioner. Before installation I had to clean the salt chlorinator with acid, now it cleans easily with a garden hose. This will certainly increase life expectancy. Prior to fitting I had algae problems which were hard to remove, now they appear dead and brush off easily. I am very pleased.

Sydney, NSW


The Care-Free Conditioner made a big difference in the pool, reduced chemicals - does the job like a charm.

Wagga Wagga, NSW


My chlorine usage has reduced with a corresponding general stabilisation of pH. The filter requires less frequent backwashing. My pool clarity is exceptional and the water has a natural feeling.

Sydney, NSW


Amazing results you’d have to say…
After only 16 hours of operating Care-Free, the algae virtually disappeared…
without vacuuming the pool.

John Weston
Sydney, NSW