Care-Free Water Conditioner For Soil Salinity


If Lowering Soil Salinity is Important to You,salinity-in-soil
Care-Free can help… Here’s what the scientists say…


“…There are observed salinity reductions in the soils where trials have taken place…”

“I will emphasise that there is no difference in EC from input water to output water from a Care-Free Water Conditioner. What we have found out at ANSTO by undertaking a range of tests on the device, in relation to particle size analysis, in the colloidal fraction, is that the distribution of the particle size of colloids is reduced significantly. That is, there is an increase in the portion of particles at the lower colloidal size once saline water has passed through the device.

By reducing the size of particles, the device influences the impact of the saline water, which has stayed in the same EC, and allows the salts, or should I say the ions which also vary in ionic radii, to pass downward through the soils below the root zone. Hence, why there are observed salinity reductions in the soils where trials have taken place. The irrigated water has had particle size reduction take place allowing the ions to pass quicker through the soils and not get caught up in the root zone for plants.”

Dr John Bradd Hydrogeologist
ANSTO ASAN – National Coordinator


Consider the Benefits

  • You’ll save three valuable resources – water, energy and money

  • Lowers salinity in the soil (Patented technology)

  • Water penetration is improved

  • Reduces water usage

  • Encourages plant and crop growth

  • Greater yields

  • Reduces leaf burn

  • Less fertilizers required

  • Reduces the effects of salts and minerals in all water

  • Stops scale and corrosion of water systems

  • Drip irrigation lines stay clean

  • Ball valves and taps operate smoothly

  • Inhibits algae growth – stock troughs and tanks remain cleaner

  • Provides a more usable water supply

  • Is easy to install and is virtually maintenance free

Range of sizes to suit your flow rate

Flow rates: 12 lit/min to 15,300 lit/min
Connection: Threaded or flanged
Always pair with an earth kit / power supply

And you’ll love the money you save too, but don’t take our word for it…Try a Care-Free Conditioner with our 12 month money back guarantee and prove the results for yourself!

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Care-Free rids irrigation farmer of salt water problem

Lucerne crop thrives in 5,600mg/l salt water and returns farmer a whopping 280% every year on investment

Water Analysis -
Lucerne crop thrives in 5,600mg/l salt water
Elec. Cond.11,100uS/cm

Water Salinity solutions

Soil salinity lowered by 89%…

For several years these paddocks had been irrigated with bore water with a TDS of 1,300mg/l and salinity in the soil was gradually increasing.

After irrigating for only one season with Care-Free Conditioners the Chloride in the soil was reduced by 89% and the Sodium by 53%.

A CF150 and CF100 were manifold together to deliver 4,400 and 2,200 lit/min respectively (9.5 meg/day).

Soil Analysis -
Soil salinity lowered by 89%...
pH (1:5 Water)7.17.3
Sodium - meq/100g1.30.653%
Chloride - mg/kg2202489%
Elec. Cond. - uS/cm2307069%

Care-Free lowers salinity at Golf Club by 66%.



Rising salinity at Wagga Wagga Golf Club played havoc with the course for several years despite the good river water used for irrigation.
The club agreed to set up a trial area using Care-Free to determine the effect on the surface salts killing the grass.
All treatment to the test area ceased during the trial.


40mm Care-Free Water Conditioner is fitted at the sprinkler head.


Surface salt disappeared over the entire test area.
Couch grass now showing vigorous growth.
Soil pH had lowered from 8.6 to 7.1.
Sodium in the soil lowered to 25%.


Australian government scientists visited the golf club and took samples of the treated and untreated areas.
They were amazed at what they found.
Salts were not only significantly lower in the Care-Free treated area, but were in a completely different form to that of the control area.
Soil Analysis - Wagga Wagga Golf ClubControlCare-FreeReduction
Sodium - mg/l29016742%
Chloride - mg/l65022066%
Elec. Cond. - µS/cm2620117055%

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Laboratory tests confirm Care-Free conditioned water penetrates soils 84% faster

A water percolation test was conducted by Analytic and Biological Laboratories Inc over a time period of 48 hours involving placing two identical tubes some 25mm into the same soil and filling them with water – one with Care-Free conditioned water and the other with untreated water from the same source.

The test confirmed a change in the character of the Care-Free conditioned water which allowed it to penetrate the soil 84% faster than the unconditioned water.