Care-Free Water Conditioner For Your Swimming Pool

Give your pool the WOW FACTOR…
For half your costs.

The truth is – it’s easy. We’ve been doing it since 1980.

Here’s how. Simply install our Care-Free SWP40 Water Conditioner into the circulation of your pool. Then sit back and watch this totally natural water treatment system take your pool clarity to a dimension you’ve never seen before.

Within days your pool will be sparkling, crystal clear and a delight to swim in, more like refreshing spring water You’ll find it makes pool cleaning so easy, without having to brush. And the 50% saving in chemicals and pump running time will mean more dollars in your pocket.

What’s more, the SWP40 requires no maintenance. And because it’s hand crafted from high quality stainless steel it will last you a lifetime.

SWP40 – Swimming Pool Use

Flow rate: 280 lit/min
Connection: 40/50mm or 50/50mm rubber connections
Length: 320mm
Pair with the EK4 Power Regulator

Consider the Benefits

  • Gives amazing water clarity

  • Reduces pool chemicals by approximately 50%

  • 50% power savings = $5,000 in 10 years

  • Ideal for sensitive eyes

  • Improves filtration and reduces backwashing

  • No maintenance

  • For salt or chlorine pools

  • Lasts you a lifetime

Cut your pump running time by half and save about $500 per/year in power consumption

Because Care-Free produces a better sanitizing effect it makes your filter more effective, which means you can cut your pump running time significantly. This saves you about $500 each year in energy costs for a regular household pool.

We did a few sums on the savings you can expect in Australia below.

Energy Use Savings
Origin Energy charges31.30 cents/kwh
Pool pump kw1.2 kw
Running cost/hr31.3 cents x 1.2 kw = 37.56 cents/hr
Summer 10 hrs/day$3.76 /day
$684 /6 months
Winter 5 hrs/day$1.88 /day
$342 /6 months
Yearly running$1,062
With Care-Free reduce pump
running time by 50%
That means you’ll save about $5,000 over 10 years… plus halve your chemical costs… plus a great looking pool!

But don’t take our word for it… try a Care-Free Conditioner with our 12 month money back guarantee and prove the results for yourself!

Here’s what some of our customers say…

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Watch the demonstration videos below

Easy Pool Cleaning

For easy pool maintenance, simply install Care-Free’s totally natural, lifetime water treatment called the SWP40 Water Conditioner to the circulation system of your pool.

Then sit back and watch it take your pool clarity to a dimension you’ve never seen before.

Installation Video

The SWP40 is preferably fitted after the filter into the pool return line. Rubber connections are supplied in either 40 or 50mm.

The same unit is available with a 50mm threaded connection. Installation may be vertical or horizontal. An EK4 power regulator is supplied to plug into your 240v power supply.

Installation Video

Installation when there is limited space